January 22, 2010

i'm a happy girl

last week
amid the tragedy
some good news
filtered in

my all time favorite artist
some might say my sister
(in Christ)
amy grant
is releasing new music

i'm a happy girl

somewhere down the road
releases on march 30

i can't wait!

January 21, 2010

what do you watch?

I'm still overwhelmed by the devastation in Haiti. The images and stories are beyond my wildest imagination. I encourage you to give to Compassion International. They are on the ground there and working hard at bringing relief.

But for today, I have to go to something mindless...if just to provide some mental relief for a moment.

We have settled into the new schedule on TV. I don't really seek out watching television but I have a husband who watches a lot of TV. So by default, I watch a lot of TV. We usually record the shows (thank the Lord for the invention of the DVR!!) and that cuts way down on the commercials and doesn't eat up so much time. However my son now asks me to pause "his time" whenever he wants to do something else for a minute. A little bit of education on reality vs. TV is in order, I believe. He also doesn't understand why we can't fast forward live TV. Hmmm...what an interesting generation this will be...

Anyway, we've been watching How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family, American Idol, 24, and we'll watch Survivor when it starts. Hey, now that I'm thinking of it, whatever happened to The Office? We watch that too. I guess it will start soon. My better half is my TV scheduler so I guess he'll handle that.

So, what are you watching? Anything interesting?

January 19, 2010

bible study

the month of december

brought about
a new bible study

i stumbled across it
in magazine form
dvd and all
it was wonderful

the real reason
of christmas
was put in focus
and i needed that

the same resource
has lots of other studies
so we are doing another

this one is called
there is a book by john baker
with the same name

the study will be eight weeks
instead of three
like the last one
i can't wait to see how it goes

here we go....

January 18, 2010

round three

out of options

he joined
so much changed
with just one signature

so proud of him
trying to make it
trying to be better
finding his own way

the first round
brought a son
born while he was
half a world away

the second time
i can't imagine
the pain of knowing
how much he would grow

now round three
and so much sadness
not sure the origin
but so sorry it is that way

in my mind
he'll always be
that little monkey boy
that i love

please Lord protect him
on this
his round three
clear the evil from his path
and help him to be safe
remind him of our love
and of your love
be with those he loves
regardless of the situation
use this time for your glory
in a way that would seem
thank you Lord
for my cousin

January 16, 2010

please give

It's all I can think about. I'm on the edge of my seat for every update.

Some Compassion staff from the Dominican Republic went in on foot to assess the situation. It is worse than we are seeing in the news. I cannot imagine.
So many need help. Please give to the Compassion Haiti Relief Fund.
They are going to need so much and every single cent will count. I promise.
It is difficult to track the children with all the chaos.
All I know for sure is that every situation there is in desperate need of God.
Keep praying.

January 15, 2010


sitting in the doctor's office

in the care of wonderful people
thinking about the Haiti earthquake
and all the devastation
I realized how lucky I am
that no matter what is wrong
I have someone who can help me

ever since my involvement with Compassion
I've been a lot more aware
of the world around us
just how much poverty and need is out there
my heart breaks a little easier
my prayers become a little more urgent
and my priorities are different

I view things a lot differently
and it's difficult for me to reconcile
some of our country's reckless spending
no, I'm not immune to wanting
and no, I haven't abandoned my love of gadgets
but sometimes I sincerely struggle
with the luxury of having so much

and so it was this morning
at the doctor's office
where i said a prayer of thanks
but also a prayer of need
a need for humbleness
to not take so many things for granted
to be aware of all my blessings
for discipline to be a good steward
but most of all
my prayer was for Haiti

Compassion is uniquely embedded in the lives of those in Haiti
over 65,000 children are served by Compassion through the local churches
they anticipate many deaths and thousands of children who will have lost everything
Their ministry is full of integrity and your money will really go to those in need
please continue to pray

January 14, 2010

29 years...wow

29 years ago

this fall
seems like
such a long time ago

but one look
at my friend
and i am transported
back there again

memory is a funny thing
and while specific memories
elude me
she is my childhood to me

there are few memories
prior to the time
when her family
came to mean so much

hours upon hours
were spent together
an annie record
cabbage patch dolls

and even her brother's he-man set

time had taken us
down different paths
and then one spectacular day
we came across each other again

that was a few years ago
and i am still so thrilled
that we are
back in each other's lives

life is busy
and sometimes it goes awhile
before we catch up again
but we always do

and i'm five years old again

happy birthday, friend. :)

January 13, 2010

there are no coincidences...

many miles away from here

lives a little boy
who is very much
a part of my heart

when prayers are said
for my own children
he stands among them
and receives the same

in a world
where money is
the insatiable hunger
his letters are my gold

my soul's alarm
resounds within me
and i know
a letter will await me

it's happened four times now
and each time
i am no less amazed
than the last

yesterday was such a day
the alarm inside
the familiar envelope
news from a distant land

his mother's familiar handwriting
ran across the page
so glad to see it was hers
after two letters of someone else's

our family rejoiced
that their family was well
a few of us prayed
right then and there

later that night
news of an earthquake
in a neighboring country
felt far and wide

warnings of a possible tsunami
quickened my heart
trying to recall
just how far inland he lived

with God
i feel there are no coincidences
he has his hand
in everything

my golden letter
written in october
my soul's alarm
telling me to pray

just in time for an earthquake
and questions of safety

there are no coincidences...

please join me in prayer

heavenly father
we ask that you place your hand of peace
on the people who need you
especially the people involved in the earthquake
please be with the ones
whose questions won't be immediately answered
be with the ones who need your grace
please father protect them
in jesus' holy name

January 12, 2010

remember me?

Well, hello there! Long time, no posting. You know me. The writing vibe - it comes and it goes....

So, a little catch up...

Merry Christmas!

Decorating the tree. Notice the super cool fort in the background. :)

Happy New Year!

Our family tradition is to go to a movie on New Year's Eve.

Ryan lost his tooth. And another one since then.

Great pic, I know. This was my third try!

We've spent the first half of January trying to get back into the swing of things. It's been a little rough. But finally, if you don't count that I forgot to give Little Man breakfast this morning, everything is back on track. Ready or not!

Hopefully I'll be around more often...the key word being hopefully. I pray all is well with you and your family. Take care!

By the way, Happy Birthday to my godmother...she's been gone almost 18 years but she'll never be forgotten...

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