February 25, 2009

jpg - refuge

Little Man had bad dreams a couple of nights ago. Handsome was just
the refuge he needed. What a wonderful earthly reminder of what God
wants to do for us! Oh, and what a great photo opportunity of my
boys. :)

February 23, 2009

my new happy place

February 20, 2009

jpg - divine appontment

Due to the nature of my work (banking), I get to know some families
pretty well. I became aquainted with this one family when I first
started at a new branch about eight years ago. The dad started a
realty company back in the 60's that the grown son is now running. The
son has been our realtor for both houses that we've bought. Anyway,
the mom and dad were still very involved and often came in the bank on
company (and personal) business. Then the dad passed away a few years
ago and I went to the funeral. It was more for the son, of course,
although I knew alot of the family by then.

Skip ahead a few years and my uncle dies. Late last year, I'm sorting
through some things and I come across a piece of an old newspaper.
Actually, the newspaper was wrapped around a glass object and being
that "old stuff" interests me, I opened it to read it. It was dated
1965 and was full of car ads and classifieds advertising homes for
sale. Boy, they seemed cheap! Compared to today's prices anyway. So, I
see a few houses listed by the company that my friend's dad started. I
decided to save the paper to show him (and that's just the kind of
thing that's making this sorting process take forever! But it is the
coolest part!). I put it in a bag in the garage and promptly forgot
about it.

A couple of weeks ago, Handsome and I decided to clean out the garage.
I went through some stuff from my uncle's and came across the
newspaper again. I brought it in the house and put it in my work bag
to pass on the next time I went to work. That was yesterday.

I work at a different branch now so I put it in the interoffice mail.
They received it and the guy happened to come in. They showed him the
paper and he was a little taken aback. Why?

His father died two years ago yesterday. Exactly.

How cool is it that I had that paper for months but God arranged for
it all to pan out yesterday? Even neater is that this guy totally
recognized the fact that it was a God thing.

God makes divine appointments all the time. All you have to do is
listen and show up.

And then be blown away - like I still am today! Praise God!

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