September 29, 2009

2 more days!

Stay tuned! In TWO days, I'm off to the Advocate National Conference for Compassion International!!! I am SO excited. It's in Colorado and I've never been there. I'll be sure to post while I'm gone and share all the GOOD stuff!!

I ask for your prayers - for travel mercies and for the clarity that only God can give. I want to be able to take it all in and not be overwhelmed with information.

Oh, and pray for the children of Compassion - because that's what it's all about!

Thanks and talk to you soon...from Colorado!

September 14, 2009


Is it just me or is life a bit crazy right now?

I'm standing at the store, restoring my phone. It decided to go crazy too and I realized just to what extent I was (am) addicted to my phone. See, when I got my phone, I decided to use it as my calendar too. Now, I'm a paper person so this was a BIG adjustment for me. And, yes, my calendar is on my computer but I need it in my hand, on the road, where the heck am I going? So the past few days have been a bit like I'm missing my hand. Not the one I write with, but close enough. :)

So while I love the technology of my phone, it stinks right about now. I'm waiting...waiting...waiting...for it to download whatever lovely thing it needs to work again. So what better time to update my blog. Free internet - check. Free time (even if it is unwanted) - check. My trusty computer - check. So here we are....

The kids are doing well in school. Little Man still petitions for half day school on a regular basis (no such luck, kiddo) and Baby Girl is super busy with soccer AND cross country. I have no idea how she runs so much but you go, girl! She had her first meet on Saturday and she ran two miles in 18 minutes. With only a week of training. After three quarters of a soccer game. Wonder woman. :)

Handsome is gearing up to travel for work. He has to go on three trips in the span of three weeks. That's a lot. And I squeeze in a trip to Colorado in there. Busy, busy, busy. Reminding myself for the millionth time that these are the good days.

I look forward to going to Colorado. I've never been west of Illinois. Unless you count the week at Young Life camp in Minnesota. I hear it is beautiful. I can't wait to learn more about Compassion and to see all the things they are up to. I'll definitely try to post while I'm out there. Especially pictures.

(halfway on the case you were wondering...)

Is anyone else excited that the Fall TV shows are about to start? I'm not a big TV watcher but my husband has gotten me hooked on a few shows. Plus I'm curious to see what Jay Leno has up his sleeve. To be honest, I'll just be glad to watch something other than football. I know it just started and all, but well, it isn't my favorite thing to watch and our tv is full of it these days.

Wow, that halfway went to complete in a very short time....not that I'm complaining!! I gotta run but I will try to post again soon!!! I'm not even going to stop and read this through first, just post it (might be a mistake!!) so if there are errors, sorry!

God bless!

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