October 8, 2009

ten seconds from tears

Watching the rain come down this morning, I'm reminded of something I heard this past weekend. I had the privilege of hearing Wess Stafford speak. He's the President and CEO of Compassion International. He's also the author of Too Small to Ignore. He was talking about why he has such a big heart for the children of Compassion. His story is outlined in his book and it's amazing. A true testament of the power of God's saving grace. And as he was speaking, he got choked up. He said he is never more than ten seconds from tears. With his tender heart, the water line stays right at nose level. I was so delighted to be in the presence of someone else who has the same reaction to the children of Compassion. I get choked up or teary-eyed when I hear about these children or see pictures of them. They are intricately connected to my heart. I am usually never more than ten seconds from tears, especially when we are talking about these precious children.

And you know what? I'm okay with that.

October 6, 2009

a piece of cake

There was so much information given, I don't remember who said the following quote - but I loved it.

"When our love isn’t strong enough, Christ’s love takes over and loves for us. When we aren’t strong enough, Christ is the only strength we need."

I have a really bad habit of not getting involved in something because I don't feel like I can take the task to completion. Or the situation may get "messier" than I would like. This statement reassured me. If God is calling me to something, He isn't going to leave me hanging out there all alone. When my skill-set is maxed, God steps in and through the power of Jesus Christ, He takes over. How freeing! And really, it's all about God in the first place. I am just the vehicle He is choosing to use for a particular task. I think once that truth is planted firmly inside, the rest is just a piece of cake.

Show up. If you feel the nudge, DO IT. God will be there.

I always liked cake. :)

October 3, 2009

this is the air I breathe

Being at this altitude, I wondered if I would struggle to breathe. I have asthma and while it doesn't flare up much in my hometown, I thought it was a good possibility here in Colorado.

My fears weren't completely unfounded. I'm not short of breath but I feel the heaviness of breathing in my chest. The smallest exertion - like carrying my suitcase - makes me pretty winded. So while it isn't a struggle, I definitely notice the effort my body is putting forth to fill my lungs.

Last night, at the opening session, we heard Wess Stafford speak. Very moving. He put forth a personal challenge of forgiveness. Which struck me because this is something God had already been working in my life.

Then we sang a song - " This is the air I breathe". There is a line in it about being desperate for God. With being so aware about the air I am breathing and the effort it is taking, I fully understood the desperation of needing God as I need to breathe. He is the very air I breathe. He is what is inside of me, making me alive. Just as I need my body to push air into my lungs, I need my sweet Lord.

It was such a vivid picture for me. I'm so thankful that He took my struggle, my fear and turned it into a wonderful lesson on the critical need for total dependence on Him.

In addition, and not just a little off track, I was led to pray for my family last night. To declare in the name of Jesus Christ that Satan has no place among them, among us. That we will be a God seeking family. That I will be the love of Christ to them. That I will honor their God given gifts and not impose my human judgements upon them. That I will be encouraging and uplifting. That God will make me the mean mom when necessary but that only kindness will remain.

It was an emotional night. A big night spiritually. One that I felt was a culmination of many small steps and nudges over a very long period of time.

A collision of mercy, forgiveness, and the Holy Spirit. Hallelujah. Amen.

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