October 6, 2009

a piece of cake

There was so much information given, I don't remember who said the following quote - but I loved it.

"When our love isn’t strong enough, Christ’s love takes over and loves for us. When we aren’t strong enough, Christ is the only strength we need."

I have a really bad habit of not getting involved in something because I don't feel like I can take the task to completion. Or the situation may get "messier" than I would like. This statement reassured me. If God is calling me to something, He isn't going to leave me hanging out there all alone. When my skill-set is maxed, God steps in and through the power of Jesus Christ, He takes over. How freeing! And really, it's all about God in the first place. I am just the vehicle He is choosing to use for a particular task. I think once that truth is planted firmly inside, the rest is just a piece of cake.

Show up. If you feel the nudge, DO IT. God will be there.

I always liked cake. :)

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