December 11, 2007


slamming the door
behind her
this morning
i bid her goodbye

i am the bad guy
these days
and it stinks

she treats people
especially me
like dirt
and is just downright

i knew these days
would come
it's inevitable

but if one more person
tells me to just wait
because it gets worse
i think i will scream at them

nothing like the
enlightenment of future horror
to encourage someone

i'm at wit's end
i've tried being nice
i've tried being mean
i've tried grounding
i've tried ignoring it
i've tried laying down the rules
i've tried bargaining

you know
the crazy thing for me
is that she builds this wall
but so deperately wants me
to tear it down

i know her
better than she thinks i do
and i see right through
all these little games

and that's what makes me
so daggone mad
why waste such precious time
on stupid games?

roll the dice
press your luck
two spaces forward
go back to start
pass payday
but pay it all
on your next turn

i never was a big fan of games

December 7, 2007

still kickin'

I know, I know, I promised to be back soon with details and pictures...Life is just so busy! The holidays are sneaking up on me too. I'm just trying to keep my head above the water line, as they say. I'll be back soon...In the meantime, enjoy the holidays!

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