August 22, 2007

6th grade

when you stretched
as you were waking
the body
that used to be swallowed
in that twin bed
reached from one end
to the other

you sat up
and said
is it time to get up?
is it time for 8th grade?
i mean, 6th grade?

i know you are growing
but i almost fainted
at the prospect of
8th grade
it put 6th grade
in prospective for me

you packed your own bag
fixed your own breakfast
and you picked out
your own clothes (twice)

most surprisingly
you combed your own hair
and put it in a bun

i remember fixing your hair
most mornings
of last year

when you carried your blankie
and your stuffed animal
down to the kitchen
i wondered if you would
find some secret spot
in your bookbag
and want to take them along
but they stayed home
with me today

they sit here beside me
a reminder of the things
you are leaving behind


stay strong in Jesus
my 6th grader
this year more than ever

remember to guard your heart
and earnestly seek His will

soak yourself in His Word
and not in the words of others

you are never alone
me and Jesus
we got ya covered

most of all, always know
that no matter how old you get
you'll always be
my baby girl

August 15, 2007

home again, home again and other ramblings...

Home again, home again...
A couple of days ago, I posted about my cousin returning home from Iraq and now, I get the pleasure of posting that my daughter is home for the school year!! She spends the summers at her dad's, about 20 minutes away. I get to see her on Wednesdays and every other weekend, but obviously, it just isn't the same. I am SO happy to have her back home. All my chick-i-dees under one roof. A mom content. :)

Funny story that will embarrass my son one day...
We went to a baseball game the other day. It was HOT! We got free tickets. There was also a free Christian concert afterwards (MercyMe!) or I would have thrown in the towel and stayed propped up in front of the A/C. I wore a tank top (which is unusual for me) and felt a little uncomfortable in it because it lacked, you know, sleeves. But I knew it would be blazing hot at the game. Anyway, it was one of those shirts that has the adjustable straps on the back. On the way to the game, my son suddenly points his finger at me and says,

"You can't wear that!"

"What? My shirt?"

"Yeah, it has those things on it."


"Yeah, the things from the thing for your b**bies."

Well, we about lost it. We didn't want to laugh because he would think b**bies is a funny word and for some reason, kids like to repeat funny, totally inappropriate words. And where did he learn that word anyway? He was saying that the adjustable straps belong on things we wear UNDER our shirts. I explained that this was a shirt that covered my whole body and they put the adjustable straps to make sure it stayed covered and it would be okay. Nothing like having to explain your wardrobe to your children. Somehow I always thought it would be the other way around...

The Fall crunch begins...
Soccer practice started last week. This year, Daughter and Son are playing. Very cute to watch the 4 year olds practicing. Surprisingly, my son did really well. I was convinced he would be the one who either a) refused to listen to the coach because the coach wasn't doing it "right", or b) would want to sit with Mommy and Daddy because it was so HOT and who were this strange kids anyway? Luckily, our son wasn't the one - but my fears were confirmed in the other kids. One just wanted to GO HOME, TOO HOT. Another wasn't sure what this whole soccer thing was about (just a bunch of running in circles when it is so HOT, and is there a point to this?) but seemed to think it was okay after awhile. I love watching the kids discover things. As for Daughter, she has played for years and it's basically the same kids every year. It's amazing how they grow from season to season. So with practices starting and school starting next week, the previously empty calendar begins to fill with too many things, like every Fall. Hang on, the ride begins!

That's what's going on in our corner of the world. Well, we squeeze in one more mini-vacation between now and school starting so we're busy getting ready for that too. I'll post about it when we get back. Until then, take care! :)

August 10, 2007

friday's feast #155 (#19)

What is your favorite kind of pie?

Hmmm...let's see...I'm not a big pie eater. I don't like dry crust. But I guess I would eat cherry pie the most.

Name something that made you smile this week.

I just posted about it. My cousin is home safely from Iraq. He got in yesterday and got to see his newborn son for the first time ever. I've teared up so many times in the last couple of days, just thinking of it!

What do you do to cool off when the weather is hot and humid?

Usually I keep my lazy behind in the house and enjoy the A/C. And cringe when the gas and electric bill comes.

Main Course
You receive $1,000 in the mail with a letter that says you can only use the money to redecorate one room in your home. Which room do you pick, and what do you buy to spruce it up?

The master bedroom. We really need a new bed and I'd like to get a new comforter and curtains. Maybe once we sell the other house.

Fill in the blanks: My _____ says _____, but I ________.

My BODY says SLEEP, but I CAN'T.

(Is that the motto of a mom, or what?)

August 6, 2007



Thank you, Lord, for bringing my cousin home safely from Iraq. Thank you for the look on his face when he met his little son for the very first time. Bless his time with his wife. Amen.

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