August 6, 2007



Thank you, Lord, for bringing my cousin home safely from Iraq. Thank you for the look on his face when he met his little son for the very first time. Bless his time with his wife. Amen.

5 rays through the fog:

Annabelle said...

AMEN! I'm glad he's home safe!!

DK said...

What a great post! I'm glad he's back :) Hope you're staying cool today. Fall is just around the corner... at least it's supposed to be!

Barb said...

What a wonderful photo that is. I can't imagine the feelings he's going through, seeing that baby for the first time. I know exactly how you whole family was so relieved when my nephew returned home safely from two tours in Iraq.

Judith said...

I remember, I remember! when my grandson came back. For sure it is time to celebrate.

Darlene said...

Awesome! Amen!

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