October 8, 2009

ten seconds from tears

Watching the rain come down this morning, I'm reminded of something I heard this past weekend. I had the privilege of hearing Wess Stafford speak. He's the President and CEO of Compassion International. He's also the author of Too Small to Ignore. He was talking about why he has such a big heart for the children of Compassion. His story is outlined in his book and it's amazing. A true testament of the power of God's saving grace. And as he was speaking, he got choked up. He said he is never more than ten seconds from tears. With his tender heart, the water line stays right at nose level. I was so delighted to be in the presence of someone else who has the same reaction to the children of Compassion. I get choked up or teary-eyed when I hear about these children or see pictures of them. They are intricately connected to my heart. I am usually never more than ten seconds from tears, especially when we are talking about these precious children.

And you know what? I'm okay with that.

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