January 15, 2010


sitting in the doctor's office

in the care of wonderful people
thinking about the Haiti earthquake
and all the devastation
I realized how lucky I am
that no matter what is wrong
I have someone who can help me

ever since my involvement with Compassion
I've been a lot more aware
of the world around us
just how much poverty and need is out there
my heart breaks a little easier
my prayers become a little more urgent
and my priorities are different

I view things a lot differently
and it's difficult for me to reconcile
some of our country's reckless spending
no, I'm not immune to wanting
and no, I haven't abandoned my love of gadgets
but sometimes I sincerely struggle
with the luxury of having so much

and so it was this morning
at the doctor's office
where i said a prayer of thanks
but also a prayer of need
a need for humbleness
to not take so many things for granted
to be aware of all my blessings
for discipline to be a good steward
but most of all
my prayer was for Haiti

Compassion is uniquely embedded in the lives of those in Haiti
over 65,000 children are served by Compassion through the local churches
they anticipate many deaths and thousands of children who will have lost everything
Their ministry is full of integrity and your money will really go to those in need
please continue to pray

1 rays through the fog:

Judith said...


Amen, Amen, Amen.

So good to be reminded of so much we need to more appreciate; to give more of ourselves to others, like in Haiti, whose land and lives lay in ruins. Thank you for reminding me.

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