January 14, 2010

29 years...wow

29 years ago

this fall
seems like
such a long time ago

but one look
at my friend
and i am transported
back there again

memory is a funny thing
and while specific memories
elude me
she is my childhood to me

there are few memories
prior to the time
when her family
came to mean so much

hours upon hours
were spent together
an annie record
cabbage patch dolls

and even her brother's he-man set

time had taken us
down different paths
and then one spectacular day
we came across each other again

that was a few years ago
and i am still so thrilled
that we are
back in each other's lives

life is busy
and sometimes it goes awhile
before we catch up again
but we always do

and i'm five years old again

happy birthday, friend. :)

1 rays through the fog:

Chelsea said...

Thanks so much! You're a great friend too! Love ya!

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