January 13, 2010

there are no coincidences...

many miles away from here

lives a little boy
who is very much
a part of my heart

when prayers are said
for my own children
he stands among them
and receives the same

in a world
where money is
the insatiable hunger
his letters are my gold

my soul's alarm
resounds within me
and i know
a letter will await me

it's happened four times now
and each time
i am no less amazed
than the last

yesterday was such a day
the alarm inside
the familiar envelope
news from a distant land

his mother's familiar handwriting
ran across the page
so glad to see it was hers
after two letters of someone else's

our family rejoiced
that their family was well
a few of us prayed
right then and there

later that night
news of an earthquake
in a neighboring country
felt far and wide

warnings of a possible tsunami
quickened my heart
trying to recall
just how far inland he lived

with God
i feel there are no coincidences
he has his hand
in everything

my golden letter
written in october
my soul's alarm
telling me to pray

just in time for an earthquake
and questions of safety

there are no coincidences...

please join me in prayer

heavenly father
we ask that you place your hand of peace
on the people who need you
especially the people involved in the earthquake
please be with the ones
whose questions won't be immediately answered
be with the ones who need your grace
please father protect them
in jesus' holy name

8 rays through the fog:

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Anonymous said...


Wendy @ All in a Day's Thought said...

From someone who has two sponsor children in Haiti right now I thank you for this post. I thank you for this prayer. Tears in my eyes...I thank you.

Lord, hear our prayer.
~ Wendy

Prudy said...

Wow. Thank you for sharing. I tweeted that I wondered what I'd be going through if was India (where our Compassion little girl is) rather than Haiti. God moves in mysterious ways. This year for Christmas we asked our families for cash to put towards a family gift for our little girl & her family. It was hard not having gifts. But days before we got a letter from out precious Nikita. We put it under the tree unopened. That was our Christmas gift. A better blessing than any gift we would have received.

Praying your child is safe.

Kay Martin said...

I sponsor a boy who lives near Port-de-Paix. Thank you so much for this beautiful prayer. You have comforted my heart today.

Kim said...

A boy I've sponsored for 10 years lives in Haiti. I'm hoping he's far enough away from Port-au-Prince to be safe, though I know he must have felt it anyway. I'll feel much better after I hear from him. Thank you for writing this. My prayers are with all those who are mourning now. May God somehow use this tragedy for His glory and Haiti's good.

Stephanie said...

Thank you for this beautiful prayer. My life has been changed by my trip to Haiti in September 2008. I am praying for our sponsored child and all of the people of Haiti.

queenoftheclick said...


I'm awaiting to hear news as a little I sponsor lives close to the capital. Praying and hoping her family is okay.

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