January 18, 2010

round three

out of options

he joined
so much changed
with just one signature

so proud of him
trying to make it
trying to be better
finding his own way

the first round
brought a son
born while he was
half a world away

the second time
i can't imagine
the pain of knowing
how much he would grow

now round three
and so much sadness
not sure the origin
but so sorry it is that way

in my mind
he'll always be
that little monkey boy
that i love

please Lord protect him
on this
his round three
clear the evil from his path
and help him to be safe
remind him of our love
and of your love
be with those he loves
regardless of the situation
use this time for your glory
in a way that would seem
thank you Lord
for my cousin

2 rays through the fog:

Joanna said...

Armed Services?

RV nirmaan said...

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