August 8, 2006

tending home fires

so much happens so fast
and then the days just slip by

i've missed everyone
in bloggy-land
all 3 of you that read my blog

let's see...

the mom of the woman
who was hit by a train
was in church sunday
and crying
please keep praying

ms. a is a bit down
and it hurts my heart
to see her struggle
things are not good
but she wouldn't say that
pray God's strength for her
and that He holds her close

my friend's dad
who had the stroke
has been moved to a therapy room
which is a good sign
but there's lots of fatigue
so i guess praying
God's strength would be good here too
and for continued healing

on top of all this
(which really these things
don't affect my daily life
just my heart)
we've made the decision
for me to return to work
two days a week
in addition to the
every other saturday
i've already been working

our old house still hasn't sold
and unfortunately
it remains a buyer's market
and something's gotta give, ya know?

so i call and think
it will take a few days
to set things up
and i'm given dates to work
the first being two days away!
that was last week and
i've already worked
3 days since then
good money
very tired

i have a wonderful
mother-in-law who is
watching my young ones
on those days
but soon
school will start and
the schedule will change again

and in the middle of this
i get a call from my chickadee
that flies the coop for the summer
per the custody order
and she is miserable
she wants to come home
two weeks ahead of schedule
her dad must have had enough
because he tells me to come get her
i'm hesitant for many reasons
but i go
i always promised myself
that if she wants to be here
and he doesn't want her there
i am there in a heartbeat
i hope this sets precedence
for next year and
i get my girl all the time
but that's a battle
for another day

so as you can see
i've been a little busy
tending the home fires
and starting the work fires

by the way
my son just kissed
the engine
and both cars
of his train
ah, the love of a 3 year old's life
i've been replaced by a train
how fickle a young heart is...

thank you, Jesus, for
being with those that are hurting
for those that are sick
for those that are healing
thank you for a job
thank you for the few extra weeks
with my little girl
who is growing so fast
thank you for a husband
who is trying to plan
a celebration so i can
have time to look forward to it
thank you for a little son
who blows me kisses
when he goes out to play basketball
with daddy and sissy

to quote karen kingsbury, my favorite author,
thank you God who for now
has blessed me with these


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