July 24, 2006

he walks beside us

is there ever a time
when you hear news
and you wonder what
you could have done

i wonder why
my heart hurts so
for situations that
really have little to do
with me?

compassion is a strange thing.

there is a family
at my church that is
involved in everything
and i do mean everything
they are so faithful
in serving our church
and i am pretty close
to at least one or two of them
especially the mom
and the grandma

the mom's sister
the grandma's daughter
was killed last night
the details aren't real clear
but what i do know
tells me it was gruesome
and awful

she leaves behind a 13 year old son.

the situation was never ideal
from what i understand
but my heart hurts
for those left behind

i read something today
that reminds me that
no one is really alone
in times of crisis and the unknown
Jesus shares our pain
and walks beside us
trying to share the load

we just have to let him
isn't that the hard part?

O heavenly Father,
be with this family
especially the young
and the old
help this to bring glory
to your name
and good in midst of the
sadness and grief
gently remind them
that you have a plan
you always have a plan
and it is good
my heart aches for them, Lord
hold them up
give them strength


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