July 22, 2006


have been so amazed
at this blogging community

so many Christian women
full of faith
and encouraging eveyone

this is what i've been missing
since i chose the mommy path
and stopped shuffling money

the only thing
is that they are so open
and online that scares me
it's something i can't do

so i'll continue
to write in cryptics
and maybe there will be
a spot for me

by the way
just wanted to mark
this special day
my husband cleaned
two rooms of our house
while i took a nap (!!)

i am so thankful

and another thing
my son peed in his potty today
for the second time
which means the first one
wasn't a fluke...
we're on our way!

funny the things that
make a mommy happy

taking care of the me in mommy
by lisa whelchel
very good stuff
help with squeezing
memory verses, prayer
and bible study
in a hectic day
at least that's what it has so far
only 2 chapters in
but i highly recommend it

take care everyone!

1 rays through the fog:

Anonymous said...

Cleaned 2 rooms... If you like it that much, there's plenty more where that came from!

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