July 20, 2006


it's one of those weeks
where you can't seem to catch up

i've worked at the bank
two days this week
which was actually fun
and not really like
work at all
except for the being on my feet

and it's vacation bible school
this week
and i'm in charge of the
preschool section this year
monday we had 8
tuesday we had 14 (!!)
and last night we had 10

it's good stuff but tiring
and of course i get to
see my baby girl every night
this way
which is always good

but it is so nice
to be home with my little lion
he is hosting his own
bible school at the moment
funny, funny stuff

no show on one of the showings
and no info on the other yet
wait, wait, wait

got this link from another blog
i was reading the other day
it's about a mom who was
just diagnosed with cancer
her story is so inspirational
that even in this time of fear
she is praising God
read her story here
and pray for her, if you will

this blogging community
is turning into such a blessing
to me

and one more thing
lady from my church
i'll her her Ms. A
has been in treatment
for lung cancer for
a little while now
actually this is the
second time for treatment
i think
the news is not so good
lately and that
upsets me
please pray for her too

i must remember that
God has a plan for every single one
of us and it is good
even if we don't understand
that's hard to swallow
i guess that's where faith
fits into the picture

o Lord, thank you for
promising to be with us
and help me to have the
faith i need to remember that


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