August 9, 2006


the circus is back
in full swing
only one more day
with the tiger
is it wrong of me
to be happy about that?

so i'm hanging out
with four kids today
how did this happen?

but it's all good
they love playing together
and i love watching them

my anniversary
is coming up
i just can't believe
that it's been five years

i think the coolest thing
about marriage
is the evolution of your love
for each other
when i married my husband
i thought i couldn't feel
any closer to him than
i did that day
in front of all our friends and family
but through the valleys
i've learned so much more
that deepens my love for him
as each day passes by

no, the valleys aren't much fun
and there are plenty of times
when the kids get my attention first
and it's hard to reconnect when
i've got hundreds of things to do
and i'm exhausted

but if there is one thing i've learned
there is an ebb and flow
to relationships
and rarely do you have all highs
it takes the lows to get to the highs

that was hard to learn

so, here on the brink
of the start of our fifth year
i say to my husband
(who asks every day if i've blogged
so i know he's reading this)
thank you for loving me
and thank you for being
a good husband and daddy

take care everybody!

3 rays through the fog:

Barb said...

I love that, the evolution of your love for each other. Thank you so much for reading my endless 100th post. Shocked me that anyone actually would read it! And I'm going to respond to your email today if it kills me! I THINK I have a quiet afternoon coming up.

Judith said...

Andrea, I hope I have your name right. Just read "Decipher The Fog", "shmily", and made a great discovery, poetry! Kindred spirits tend to connect. More, write more.

Blazer1234 said...

Happy 5th Anniversary...(on it's way anyway!) :)

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