August 2, 2006

this is my life

so i haven't posted
in a few days
for a couple of different reasons

i went out of town
with my mother-in-law
to take my husband's grandma
back to her home
from visiting here

it was a little tiring
but fun to be with
the matriarchs of the family
and i liked the down time
that not having kids around

and then when we got back
from our overnight trip
i had the hardest time
easing back into things
one night shouldn't do that
but it sure did

and then
i was ready to post
and found out that my friend's dad
had a stroke and
is in the icu in critical condition
so i wanted to write
about that and ask for prayer
but i just did that on my last post
and i don't want to be a total
downer every time i write

i decided
this is my life
and that's what i write about
what is happening
in my life

so i am asking you to
please pray
for this man
who was in the landscape
of my childhood
in more memories
than i thought

i'm so shocked
about this
and i'm sure my friend is too
she and her mom are very strong
but that doesn't stop
the need for prayers

lots of them


3 rays through the fog:

blestwithsons said...


Carrie K. said...

Praying right now.

Blazer1234 said...

Thanks for the prayers. They are working. He is doing very well considering they didn't think he was going to make it out of the ER alive. Prayers are powerful stuff when needed.

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