July 10, 2009


Wow. I just reread the last three posts and can you say melodramatic?! I don't know why birthdays and holidays bring out the blues in me. They just do. And with the blues, comes the desire to write. Strange the way my brain and heart work.

The people across the street are getting a new roof. So for the past couple of days, I've been awaken to the sound of tap, tap, tap hammers and the whirl of a circular saw. Wish the extreme makeover was happening over here. But then it wouldn't just be a tap - it would be a full blown BANG BANG BANG! So maybe it's okay that it isn't happening here...

Made my reservation for the Compassion National Conference. I don't know if I've mentioned yet that I am an advocate for Compassion. Basically, it's a volunteer position where you just try to get the word out about Compassion and try to get children sponsored. I'm amazed at this ministry and really would like to get even more involved. I'd love to go on a trip with them because I so firmly believe in what they are doing. I want to see it first hand. Anyway, if you haven't heard of Compassion, check it out! And if you are ready to sponsor a child, click here. Or click on that Compassion picture there in my sidebar.

Okay, okay, off my soapbox now...last night, I had some extra fruit from my fruit salad at lunch so I decided to make a smoothie. My favorite drink at UDF (a local ice cream shop/gas station) is a strawberry freeze. All they put in it is strawberry sherbet and fruit punch or lemonade. I can do that! So I bought some raspberry sherbet (couldn't find strawberry) and some fruit punch. I've been having fun experimenting. Last night's smoothie had about a half-cup of blueberries, half-cup of strawberries, a few raspberries, a cut-up banana, a little fruit punch and a lotta raspberry sherbet (fat free!). I just blended it all together and kept adding the sherbet until it was as thick as I wanted. It was SO good!! We will definitely be doing that again!

Well, I'm going to go start enjoying my Friday. So excited that the weekend is here! Hope everyone has a good one!

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Michelle said...

I'd love to know more about becoming an advocate for Compassion. I have been spreading the word on my blog and through Facebook and my church, but feel called to do more.preal

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