July 6, 2009



all those years ago
sitting in the lawyer's office
it never crossed my mind
that her birthday was in the summer
when he was given summer custody

and while the list of negatives
is longer than my arm
i would have to say
that by far the worst
is trying to make things fair
and make her happy
on her birthday

because i'm the one who birthed her
and i miss spending time with her
on her birthday

go figure

the past few years
have been better
than the ones before
but sharing is rough
and to be honest
i'm not very good at it

this year
we had all weekend
and although her birthday
is tomorrow
i was blessed to have two whole days
to soak up the last of twelve
and stare thirteen in the face

a steak
confetti (!!)
a new phone
tickets to a water park
and a basket of "girl stuff"
(as the six year old boy said)
not to mention a surprise gift card

and another one slips by

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