July 15, 2009

the jerk and mr. potter

excuse me

if this ends up sounding
a little incoherent
but i spent most of last night
in a movie theater
with fans way more dedicated
than myself

whose bright idea was it
to premiere a movie
at midnight
even with all the hoopla
i saw at least two people sleeping

that's an expensive nap

so what was i doing there?
baby girl and her step sister
really really wanted to go
and while i usually say no
to wild adventures in the night
i couldn't think of a good enough reason
to say no

so off we went
in the middle of the night
to see mr. potter
and his friends
on their latest adventure

i think they thanked me
a couple hundred times
they sure enjoyed themselves
even though the events of the movie
devastated one of them

luckily i ordered the tickets online
because when we got there
all 14 theaters showing mr. potter
were sold out
arriving a little over an hour early
and finding a seat was still difficult
the girls ended up sitting two rows back
and i took the single spot
next to a handicap slot
knowing i'd give it up should someone need it

you get to do a lot of people watching
when you have little else to do
for an hour
and there were interesting people galore

there was a man there with his two children
the kids were maybe 8 and 11
a boy and a girl
well this man confronted these two young guys
that were sitting in my handicap row
in two of the seats
he told them he thought they shouldn't be sitting there
the one young guy tried to explain
and was real respectful, calling the other guy sir
but the man got all up in the guy's face
and was yelling at him

mind you, his two children are watching all of this

the young guy wasn't able to tell his side of the story
although he sure tried
and the man finally backed down
and went back to his seat by his children

about this time
a young girl comes in with a couple friends and her mom
she's maybe a senior in high school
and she's trying to find a seat
the man bullies a few other young guys
about the empty seats next to them
and tells the girl she can sit there with her group
the girl gushes all over the place
and thanks him

i'm silently repulsed

the man proceeds to buy this girl a Coke
when he goes to buy $20 worth of candy for his kids
and won't take the money she tries to pay him back
i'm wondering why in the world
the girl's mom is allowing this to go on

again, this man's children are watching every move
and he was creepy
i caught him staring at the girl
at least a half dozen times
creepy, i tell you
but harmless with so many people around
thank goodness

i just silently observe

so the movie is getting ready to start
and the young guys in the handicap row with me
realize there is one empty seat
behind them

so the guy who was confronted
tells them to save the seat for him
and takes off out of the theater
after a little while
he returns
with two of his friends

one of them is in a wheelchair

and even as they roll over my toe
getting this guy to the spot two seats down from me
i was so excited
that this young guy got the last word

and he didn't have to say anything at all

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