August 21, 2008

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We were walking down the street, headed to Wall Street, when we saw this contraption and had to take a picture. This is a parking garage. The big metal tower in the middle is an elevator of sorts. Each side of the parking garage was almost exactly two car lengths wide. They would send a car up and just put it in one of the spots. When you needed your car, they would go up and put it on the elevator and bring it down. We stood there and watched them do one of the cars. It was crazy!

Wall Street

This building was really neat. It was called Federal Hall. FULL of history! It was the first capitol of the United States and the site of George Washington's first inauguration. It also served as a Federal Reserve Bank at one time and there are still vaults in the rotunda. Very cool.

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This is Trinity Church, just down from Wall Street. Another really cool historic building.

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