August 20, 2008

let the sightseeing begin!

There was a path not far from our hotel that ran along the water. I think it was called the promenade. If you followed it all the way around, you got to see the Statue of Liberty and ended up in Battery Park, which is what we did.

This picture was taken by a policeman on horseback. He was patrolling the park and offered to take our picture. His horse was really tall. That's why we look like we are standing in a hole. We were also staring directly into the bright sun - we couldn't even see him as he took the picture. And behind Handsome's right shoulder, far in the distance, by the boat, is the Statue of Liberty. It really is there, I promise. :)

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The Brooklyn Bridge, with the waterfall feature that they put on for the summer. Don't let this picture fool you - this bridge is LONG! Oh, and I took this from the South Street Seaport. Kindof a neat place too.

At this point, we had walked a LOT. We were tired. I hope you aren't tired of seeing more pictures...there are more to come! :)

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Bev said...

This tickled me - you got someone to take your family photo but he's so high up it looks like youre all miniature! We've never been to NYC so your whole trip sounds wonderful to us. It's on our someday list of places to go.

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