August 22, 2008

baby girl's favorite place

Infamous Times Square. Baby Girl LOVED it. She said it was her kind of people. Funny thing is, she is right. Busy, busy meet busy, busy. I love this picture of two of my favorite tourists. Baby girl and I came back to Times Square the next day to go see Mary Poppins on Broadway while the boys went to Yankee Stadium. She was SO glad to come back!

This is the carousel at Toys R Us in Times Square. It is three stories tall inside the store. The kids LOVED it.

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And here we are in our "car" on the carousel.

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Judith said...

What a wonderfully planned vacation. Places and events girls or boys more interested in. They will talk of this a long time.

What's amazed me most about your trip so far, is that gigantic car elevator thing. Scary, really scary. and p.s., I am glad you're feeling better.

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