August 23, 2008

an overview of sorts

Somehow Handsome had heard about the observation deck at Rockefeller Plaza. We went in to check on the price and it was $20 for each adult and $13 for kids (well, Little Man was young enough to be free). But for more than $50, we were prepared to skip it. This kind lady came up and asked if we were planning on going up. We said no. She said that was too bad because she had two tickets to go up but didn't want to go. We quickly amended our story and told her we would be really happy to use her tickets. So we did. I love a good deal. :) Here is the view from the top. Look how big Central Park is. In the middle of major city streets. I have seen it on the map but looking at it like this is crazy. Do you see how big that lake is out there? There are even boats on it!

Of course, Little Man was hardly impressed. How could he be with new cars from the movie Cars that he got at Toys R Us? I got quite a few comments about his lack of interest. Thank goodness his admission was free!

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I am drawing a blank on the name of this church. It's really famous and I'll edit it later after I ask Handsome (he remembers everything!). What I wanted to tell you about this place though is what happened when we went inside. There were two guards in the back, checking bags and asking people to remove their hats. A service was getting ready to start. It was weird because there were tourists milling around in the back and people up front getting ready for the worship service. Little Man couldn't see anything because there were so many people. The man at the front began the service by saying hello. I looked at Handsome and gestured to leave because I didn't want to be disrespectful to the service. Just at the moment, Little Man grabbed Handsome's hand and pulled him down to tell him something. And this is what Handsome heard - "Pick me up so I can see God." I don't know what he actually said, it wasn't that, but I really got a laugh out of that one. Because from his little spot on the floor and the booming voice through the microphone, I'm sure it did sound a bit like God might. :)

Are you hanging in there with me? Only a few more, I promise.

2 rays through the fog:

Bev said...

Free tickets - nice! And loved the part about God's booming big voice.

Your NYC Tour Guide said...

St. Patrick's Cathedral on 5th Ave.

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