July 6, 2008

last tween year

i remember
the awkwardness
of twelve

being big
but little

having my opinions
but not being heard

wanting to play with dolls
but feeling dumb for doing it

my body changing
but not making sense to me

hating the peer pressure
but not knowing how to say no

wanting to be respectful
but my mouth having other ideas

putting outfits together
but not knowing if they really match

playing with makeup
but seeing a clown in the mirror

wanting a best friend
but never knowing who i could trust

trying to be confident
but second guessing my every move

the list goes on and on
and some of them are still true

but mostly
God and i worked it all out

i'm excited to see
how God works it all out for you

my baby girl

happy number twelve

2 rays through the fog:

Judith said...

Andrea, It just occured to me that you could make a neat little book about girls (or boys, maybe both) growing away from childhood. Think about it. Love your writing.

Darlene said...

Beautiful! I remember too.

I like Judith's idea about the book. I love to read your writing, espceially the ones that take on a poem format.


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