July 24, 2008

life happened

I know, I know, I promised vacation pictures and deep thinking posts not too long ago.

Life happened.

I'd been on a waiting list to have surgery. The kind of surgery isn't important (or more accurately, I don't want to go there out here on the interweb) but they called on July 1st and said I finally would be able to have it done on July 23rd.

Right smack in the middle of Vacation Bible School at our church. And I was in charge of the Preschool part of the program. Notice I say was, because although I did two days of it this week, my wonderful mom rescued me by doing the other three.

Surgery was successful and I have a long term recovery ahead of me. But at least there is light at the end of the tunnel now.

So I still will get there with the pictures and the posts. But first, let me get these pain meds out of my system. Otherwise, who knows what I will say?! It's taken me two days to get this much written, as it is.

I'll be back soon. :)

3 rays through the fog:

Judith said...

Hello again Friend, I'm so glad I stopped by to see how you're doing. We can catch up on stuff later. Rest all you can, and know that people who care are praying you'll be feeling better soon.

Barb said...

By now, several days afer you wrote this post, I'm hoping you're feeling a lot better, Andrea. I'm looking forward to your vacation recap and photos.

Take care of yourself.

Judith said...

Still thinking of you,Kid.

Hope you're getting better every day.

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