July 3, 2008


a trip to the orthodontist
in preparation for the big day
little rubber bands
jammed between her molars

today her mouth hurts
as the teeth protest the move
and a diet of jello and pudding
is quickly growing old

two weeks and counting
until the big day of braces
she is actually excited
in that unknown kind of way

i took a moment
to look at her smile
being with her dad for the summer
i don't see it much

(well, i don't see it much
she is almost twelve
after all)

i watched those big teeth
in her small mouth
and thought back to a time
when her teeth were small too

she'll be twelve on sunday
it's so hard for me to believe
she's almost as tall as i am
but in her mind, she's much taller

every year
as the birthdays pass
i wonder just where the time has gone
and how they got to be so big

so yes
she is excited about her braces
i'm sure the novelty will wear off
way too quickly

but for me
those braces symbolize
yet another step forward
another step in growing up

and i wonder just where oh where
my little baby girl has gone
but i look forward to watching
her blossom into a young woman of God

pretty smile and all

3 rays through the fog:

Darlene said...

A post down memory lane.

I remember a beautiful little (BIG)girl with much of the same excitement. My how time flys.

We want our children to linger a little longer in some of the stages they go through.....but then again, we look forward to the beautiful young women they become.

I'm so proud of you and the GREAT mom you've become.I love you and feel your pain. OXOX

Judith said...

God bless you, Andrea. As I read about this next stage of your daughter growing up, I heard love in every word, and I so understand.

The thing about losing baby teeth, or taking that first step is that moms know what's coming next, and sometimes that is hard. But not to worry. Having you as her Mom, your daughter is in very good hands.

Bev said...

Every one of our three kids went through braces. We took photos on the first day, while they still hurt like heck, then the last day after they came off and you saw all the work they did. Yes I remember the jello and pudding and spaghettios and raviolis!

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