April 13, 2008

time moves on

driving to pick up little man at school
passed a grass cutting team
whiff of grass
the first of the season
spring is here

didn't realize how much i missed it
until it came back around again

the sun is shining today
it's still too cold to sit outside
but it's coming
it's coming!!

now if i can just get our neighbor
to stop mowing his grass
at naptime on fridays
or before nine on saturdays...

had to take care of some business
at a courthouse in the next town over
just filing paperwork
to deal with my uncle's death

my cousin went with me
as it was a field trip for the boys
and they got bored right away

lots of questions
watching our bags go for a ride
down the conveyor belt
of a metal detector

the room was really a hallway
with may i help you windows
it was hot and unfriendly
with everyone's business out in the open

sixty-four dollars and fifty cents
to verify that yes, he's really gone
can i please handle the mess
that he's left behind?

but at least i wasn't the one
contesting a custody arrangement
demanding something be done
before school let out for the day

or the other guy
without the money to pay his hefty fine
i left before i heard
what would happen if he didn't pay

in these times of stress
i recognize
how truly blessed i am
even if it is hard

each obstacle
each challenge
a refinement
to bring glory to God


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