October 15, 2007

can i use the phone?

Can someone please tell me the appeal of the telephone to an eleven year old girl? I'm just sayin'...

If she asks to use the phone one more time (three separate times in the last ten minutes!), I think I might just yank all the wires out of the wall and throw the phone in the front yard. And you tell me this gets worse? I just don't remember this about my tween/teen years at all. Anyone with any suggestions?

No answer to the latest friend she tried to call. As she walks away, she grumbled.

"Man, no one to talk to at ALL."

I replied, "I'm right here."

"Oh." (As if it never even crossed her mind - and it probably didn't.)

And that's when we spend thirty minutes discussing the politics of sixth grade girls. Whew. Lucky me. :)

1 rays through the fog:

Annabelle said...

I remember being on the phone a lot as a teenager! I have boys...I wonder if they'll be on the phone like girls?? Hmmm...

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