October 7, 2007


watching you
watching her
brought back memories
of being a tween

although in those days
there was no such thing
as a tween
thirteen was the magic number

running to your seat
because, come on mom
she's singing
and we have to see her

i remembered the urgency
to be a part of something bigger
to connect with celebrity
being taken away with music

you screamed your little head off
through the retainer
showing your love
for someone unknown

i caught a glimpse
of who you really are
an opening in the recent
tightly shut door

there were tears on your face
when you realized the line
was far too long
the opportunity suspended

it broke my heart
to see the unabashed yearning
to want to meet
the untouchable

then you wiped your tears
and the little girl disappeared
as you reassured me
that it was okay

but i would not be deterred
fueled by my own tween-hood
intimately knowing
that irrational desire

excuse me sir
her ticket is her birthday present
sorry no can do

the indignant look you gave
when another family
was added to the line
led me to try one more time

excuse me sir
this time to the man
who put the last family
in line

she's here for her birthday
please sir
isn't there something you can do?

it all happened quickly
she was leaving
he reached out for her elbow
and directed her our way

quickly an autograph
and hi sweetheart
and a kiss on the head
then she was gone

leaving you behind
baffled i asked what was wrong
i couldn't understand your reply

repeating yourself
you told me
i got to meet her mom
to actually meet her

and for one brief moment
the worlds aligned
and two tweens
got their wish tonight

she did
and so did i

4 rays through the fog:

Karen said...

Oh how sweet! I'm glad it worked out.

Darlene said...

Very touching. I remember when.....too.

Judith said...

You captured, and showed the heart of this so well. What a special memory you gave your not so little girl.

Please keep on writing like you did here. No other way would have said it as well.

Judith said...

P.S. Oops, when I said "not so little girl", I wasn't referring to size, but that she's growing up so fast.

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