September 25, 2007

they have names...i promise!

So, for the first time since I began blogging, I am revisiting my thoughts on what to share with you. I mean, I have been pretty fanatical about privacy and worrying about what I put "out there". I didn't even reveal my name for almost a year. You never know what internet boogie-man is out there and my, oh, my what would he or she do with a picture of my children and would he or she be able to find out where we are from and what would he or she possible want with my children and how could I have exposed them to the wild unknown and...well, whew, you get my point. But paging through the pictures from the wedding, there are so many I want to share. Due to my quest of safety, there aren't many left that I can share. I'm torn. I don't know what to do.

So while I ponder that for another day or so, here is something else that has come up...I have never told you my family's names and still don't feel comfortable with that at the moment. But I am tired of calling them my son, my daughter, my husband. It seems so, I don't know, unfriendly or something. To make this better, I have come up with names. I've seen other bloggers do this and thought it was just about dang time! :)

Since my daughter was born, I have called her Baby Girl. I still do. Even after the birth of my son, who is now technically the baby. It's funny because I have also called her Pumpkin Butt (don't ask - I don't even know why) but I thought years down the road when she is cherishing her mom's bloggy words (and she will, right??), she might appreciate Baby Girl instead. So, Baby Girl it is.

My son was born looking like an old man. He had the scrunchy face, the big ears, and even his hair slicked down with a side part. I've always called him Little Man. He has been my little grown-up for most of his life. He just has an old soul, like me, and he imitates his dad's gestures without even knowing it. He's our Little Man.

I've thought and thought about what my husband's name can be. I have discarded a few. I thought about Knight In Shining Armor - KISA for short but yeah, that's not so manly. I also decided against the Love Of My Life - LOML because that reminds me too much of LOL and although he makes me laugh, it just didn't sit well with me. My uncle calls him Chesterfield (he has nicknames for us all) but that doesn't work for me. I don't think of him as Chesterfield (even if it does fit!). Maybe it will just have to be Handsome because well, he is. :)

There we have it - Handsome, Baby Girl and Little Man. I feel so much better now that you "know" my family! It seems so trivial but thanks for hanging in there with me. I'll be back soon, probably with wedding pictures! Stay tuned!

4 rays through the fog:

Anonymous said...

So your Unkel has nicknames for ALL of you??? Pray tell.......or better yet try to explain where the Unkel's nicknames originated. (If you can!)

Diane J. said...

I've removed my town's name from my profile and I'm careful about using names of my friends and family that I don't have permission to use. Other than that, my blog is an open book, more or less. It works for me, but you should do what makes you most comfortable.

You might consider using a photo editing program to blur or white out the faces in your pictures if it bothers you, but if it bothers you that much, my advice would be simply don't post them.

Or, you might consider making your blog private and only sending invitations to family and people you trust to view your pictures and other details.



Barb @ A Chelsea Morning said...

I totally agree with Diane on this one. If it doesn't feel right to you, don't do it.

I'm careful not to post last names or specific locations but you can never be too careful.

mina said...

Knight In Shining Armor? You're going to give him a bigger head than he already has! I would also like to say, that I think MY husband is pretty handsome too ;) but don't worry, I won't use the same nickname!

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