May 25, 2007

200th post!

I had lots of creative plans for this, my 200th post, but life happened instead. This picture would be the culprit.

Yesterday, the boy was acting fine. Happy, even. As bedtime approached, he began complaining that his ear hurt. We went from 0 to 10 in 5 minutes. He fussed and cried on and off all night. This morning he complained that this ear (the other one, the one in the picture) hurt him. So, I called the doctor because for the love of all things soft and cuddly, my son wasn't. And I need some sleep. Because I love to sleep. And I'm reminded of that every time one of the kids is sick and I don't get enough. But I'm wondering here from the point (is there one?), which is okay, considering I haven't had a complete thought all day.

So, anyway, we get to the doctor and it's a double ear infection. Sitting in the waiting room, he's clutching his ear, whining, "My eeeeaaarrr hurts! I don't think it's ever going to be better, Mom." How do you feel guilty over something you can't fix? The doctor said it was a double ear infection - the one was way worse than the other. We got the staple pink stuff that my son loves for some reason. We went to Kroger and dropped the prescription off and then went down the street to get some bagels. He chose that for lunch over McDonald's - I know he isn't feeling well! When we got back to Kroger to pick up the medicine (in the drive-thru - whoever invented drive-thru pharmacies was a genius - or a mom with a car-load of kids!), my son decided he needed to go to the bathroom. NOW. So, I'm trying to convince him that he can wait and also talk to the pharmacy technician in a mature, I'm-a-mom-and-I-know-what-I-doing-ignore-the-screaming-in-the-backseat-I'm-not-abusing-him tone of voice. It turns out the technician is the mom of a kid in my daughter's class. She was so nice but was trying to chit-chat. On a good day, I'm not a good chit-chatter. On a day after a long night, and an even longer day (and it was only 11 in the morning), I'm horrible at chit-chat. I mumbled something and bless her heart if she didn't say "Well, I guess he's ready to go home - here's some extra suckers to maybe help you make it better." I'm so glad she was understanding. I do wonder what she was thinking as my son took off his shorts and underwear in the back seat of my car. Luckily, the little boy I babysit isn't fully potty trained and luckily, I picked up his diaper bag as we left the house. There was a pull-up in there that saved the day! Trying to reason with my son that it was okay to pee in the pull-up because it was an emergency was difficult. Finally, he went and he got changed and re-dressed and the crisis was over.

I took a nap when the boys did today. I think I deserved it.

So, happy 200th post to me. Here's to 200 more...

6 rays through the fog:

Chels-Puddle Jumper said...

poor guy! Hope that "yummy" pink stuff fixes his ears!

Judith said...

Oh the things that happen, while we're expecting something else.

I'm sure your sleep, or the lack of it is directly connected to how sick the kid gets. Hope he's feeling better, and you, too.

Judith said...

Oh, and P. S., congratulations on number two hundred.

MyUtopia said...


Cheryl said... happens, and if it didn't what would you write about??!! Congratulations on 200!
(We should go out for a "cyber-coffee" and lots of cyber-chocolaty stuff and celebrate! ;o)

Have a wonderful, restful day!


DK said...

200 posts - wow, what a milestone! Congratulations! I'm finally getting around to answering last week's email - I am soooo far behind; might never catch up! I am feeling pretty good - not 100% yet, but all things considered, I'm really happy with my progress. Hope you have a terrific week. I'm looking forward to reading your next 200 posts :)
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