May 20, 2007

a mother's legacy #2 (living room)

What is a mother's legacy?


We moved to a two bedroom apartment when I was 9. I was so excited to have my own room! This was the middle of the eighties and gawdy colors were still in style. We had green shag carpet in our living room. It was awful! It was particularly gross when my uncle and my mom got in a watermelon seed fight - shooting them at each other with their index finger and thumb. Picking those out of that shag carpet was a pain! But watching those two laugh was worth it.

We had this couch that was gold with black stripes. It was velvet-y like and I can't believe it was in style anytime, but I guess it was. I spilled grape juice on it once as a kid. I'm sure it stained it somewhere but I don't remember.

We always had a plant stand with tons of plants on them. It was my job to water them sometimes. I hated it. Behind the plant stand was usually a balcony door that led outside. For awhile, we owned a turtle. It roamed free in our apartment - which, now, seems so weird but it was cool then. It ate soft, canned dog food. It's dish was behind the curtain of the balcony. Finally, one day, we set it free in a stand of woods behind the apartment complex.

We had a floor model TV. You know, the kind that had it's own legs. It had the turn dials to change the channel. As it got older, the sound would go in and out and you just hit the side of it and it worked like a charm. I vividly recall laying on my stomach in front of that TV watching "Little House on the Prairie" after school. I wanted to be Laura Ingalls in a big way.

I don't remember much else about the living room. Those were the important things I guess. All I know is that I am SO glad that green shag carpet went out of style!

3 rays through the fog:

Unkel said...

Yeah, your memory is sketchy. Your mom was shooting them with her fingers. After sucking the juice off, I was propelling them with great gusts of lung! puh-toooey!
I seem to remember that you had a vest that matched the carpet. shade and texture! I love ya anyhow!

MyUtopia said...

Great post!

Darlene said...

Yeah, I remember that carpet too. I don't remember any vest that color though. Unless you count the piece of fabric you brought home from camp because you forgot to take a t-shirt to tye dye. I made a vest out of that. It had some green and yellow colors in it but I can asure you it was MUCH prettier than that old carpet.

As for the watermenon, I'm not sure I remember that as much as I remember the peanut butter fight. I have to admit, neigher were easy to clean up but both were fun.

As for the couch, I don't think it was ever in style either but it was comfortable and long enough for both of us to lay on either end of it and watch TV at the same time.

Funny, the things we remember about our childhoods.

Nice post. Brought back some nice memories.

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