June 1, 2007

school's out

last day of school
another door to childhood

there you are
so tall and smart
so pretty and funny

it's hard to believe
that you came from me
God's miracle

i'm sad today
the clock begins to tick
soon you'll be gone

90 days isn't so long
but it feels like an eternity
every summer

for the first few days
i actually check on you
at night

it's always a shock
when you aren't in your bed
breathing in and out

i forget that you are sleeping
under a different roof
for 89 more nights

the fog threatens
when i think of you
knowing how you will change

through it all
stay true to you
and remember always

i love you

2 rays through the fog:

Darlene said...

A mother's heart it true through and through. I feel for you and know just how your feeling. I love you. Mom

Cheryl said...

How heartwrenching to be separated... Our heavenly father is there watching over and protecting - even when you can't be - but I can only imagine how you are feeling counting the days... praying they will pass quickly.

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