February 26, 2007

weekend in review

First things, first. What in the world am I still doing up at 12:51 AM? I do not know! All I know is that I will be one bleary-eyed woman tomorrow. I hope I don't put the Cars movie DVD in the toaster, thinking it's the cinnamon waffle. Or worse, the cinnamon waffle in the DVD player.

ANYWAY, here is my weekend in review snippets...

Bright and early on Saturday morning, the phone rang. I climbed through my unconsciousness and jumped up to feel for the phone. I really can't see for the first five minutes I'm awake. And I just wanted to noise to stop, seeing as how the 3 year old in our house is normally the Saturday alarm clock. By jolly, he was still asleep and it was daylight and all. Stopping the noise so he stayed asleep was imperative. But I digress...

Guess who was on the phone?! You'll never guess! My cousin, J, that's deployed in Iraq! And no, his name isn't J, as in Jay - I'm just protecting the innocent (and not-so-innocent) here. He sounded so, well, grown up and so, I don't know, responsible. In my mind, he's still this little 8 year old monkey boy. He said he was tired but that they had been given 3 days R & R. He had access to a computer and satellite phone so he was making the best of it. Did you know Iraq is 8 hours ahead of us? I was barely putting my feet on the floor for the day and he was headed to evening "chow". He told me where he was in Iraq and all I can say is pray, people, pray. He said he's seen more mud than sand. I told him to enjoy it because by the time this is over, he'll probably never look at sand the same again. He also shared some stories of his time there, and it just hit me that he is in so much danger. I mean, I knew that already but it just started to sink in. A phone call was wonderful because for that brief moment in time, you know that he's safe. You know just where he is, and he's alive, well, and safe. Tonight, who knows where he is. I just continually pray that the good Lord holds J in the palm of His hand. What else can I do, ya know? So, I'll be getting a little package together for him in the next few days. If anyone knows of things that would be good to send, please comment and let me know. I've seen the list on the military website but any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks!

Saturday late morning/early afternoon, we spent at my mom's house. She had quite a bit of tree damage from the recent ice storms. My husband got to use a power tool (even if it was only electric), I got to play on my mom's blog, and little man got to play outside. So, once all the tree limbs were cut up, we carried them to the curb to be taken away by the shrub/tree limb fairies tomorrow. As little man helped me collect some limbs from the back yard, the neighbor's dog was going nuts. He asked me why the dog was barking so much. I said he was curious about what we were doing. So, we take a load to the curb and come back to the back yard. Bless his little heart if he didn't go right to the edge of the yard and yell at the top of his lungs,


When he first started yelling, I swung around to see what in the world he was doing. Then, I asked,

"Were you talking to the dog?"

"Yes." (Like we tell dogs our going-ons all the time; no big deal, Mom. Very inclusive, my son.)

For a few months now, my son has had an imaginary friend. This friend morphs to fit the situation. He's been a mommy (yes, HE has been a mommy), he's worked at daddy's work, he's been big, he's been little, he's slept on every piece of furniture we own. Oh, by the way, his name is Husey (WHO-see). Well, it was, until today. Husey is gone. We now have Coolpeak-a. There was talk that Husey changed his name to Coolpeak-a and is now a girl. But that would mean my son's friend is a gender changing 3 year old who is brillant because at 3 he works at an office. So, I'm thinking maybe this is a NEW friend. I'd like to request prayer for Coolpeak-a though. She's in the hospital with a refection. Which is funny, because our pastor is in the hospital with an infection too. By the way, pray for our pastor please. She is a double transplant recipient and small infections, like the sinus one she had, sometimes take off and wreak havoc on her body. She should be okay but still...

If you remember (or if you don't), I did a post when my brother-in-law got engaged. My whole immediate family is in the wedding. Today, the bridesmaids, the mothers of the bride and groom, and the bride's aunt went wedding dress and bridesmaid dress shopping. She found THE dress, ya'll. (Yeah, I said ya'll.) And it was a good deal. The wedding angels were watching over us today. Now, if we could just get the bridesmaid dresses to come in extra long, we'd be set. And since when did bridesmaid dresses cost as much as the wedding dress?! $165! I was blown out of the water. Well, no decisions yet on that. But what a relief to have the most important dress picked out, paid for, and in hand! :)

Now it is 1:27 AM and I am truly crazy for still being awake. But I had to get this down while it was fresh in my mind and while two little boys, who shall, as always, remain nameless were not making me lose my ever-lasting mind! But, come to think of it, I think it's already gone. On that note, good night everyone. Take care of yourself and each other.

3 rays through the fog:

Blazer1234 said...

Wow! What a full weekend! Sounds like a productive one at that. And I can just picture the Boy going over to tell the dog exactly what he is doing. That is too funny!

Barb said...

Boy, your son has an active imagination but how fun!

When my nephew was in Iraq, we emailed each other a lot and it was very difficult to know the danger he was always in. What a huge relief it was when he finished his SECOND tour and arrived safely back in the states.

The bridesmaids' dresses for Mandy's wedding are $150 each. It's a shame that they're so expensive. We'd love to buy them for the attendants but there's no way - she has six in her bridal party. But you feel bad when you tell them what it's going to cost them and THEN you try to choose a dress they may actually wear again.

Weddings - unbelievably expensive.

Judith said...

Hello again my friend. Thanks for bringing me up to date on how everyone is, and what's been going on. Your little boy is adorable. Oh that adults were that straight up all the time. We really can learn from the little ones. Of course the best part of your posting was that J is alive and well. Remember what I said about God granting a miracle about my soldier grandson. Through him, He let my son's bloodline live.
I don't know what season it is in Iraq, but send stuff that can be recapped, chips in cans with lids, not bags. And save newspaper sports sections to send, even if they're not real current. There's lots of guys over there. God Bless!

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