February 24, 2007


i don't know if i've mentioned this before (i probably have but my memory is SHOT right now), but i'm watching a 2 month old little girl on fridays. today was day #2. here are a few totally random recollections...

input for baby - finishing the bottle to go straight to...
output struggle for 3 yr old. - i'm going to lose my mind if he doesn't poop soon!

at one time today, i had 2 out of 3 crying at same time - not bad - maybe a mom of the year award?

i did not like to change poopy diapers, did it anyway = you do not like to nap, do it anyway. five minutes later, out cold. after two.hours.of.trying, reasoning works! can you believe it?

new baby's mom sends breast milk in little baggies that say "my mommy's milk". they are frozen. i defrost and warm it, put it in a bottle and feed her. i don't know what it is about it but if it spills a little and touches my hand, i gag. every.time. i feel so bad about that! what's the big deal? i have no idea.

watching this child rooting for more milk when i take the bottle to burp her makes me laugh. there ain't nothing there for you, sweetie. and watching her root for my 10 yr old daughter was just awkward!

stinky, hungry mess - that's me. i can't decide whether to shower or eat. if you know me at all, you realize how messed up i am by that statement. eat. always eat. so if i want a shower, something must be desperately wrong. i actually thought about what i could eat on my way to the shower. like the shower is more than a handful of steps away. like i'd have time to eat anything on the way. why am i going on and on about this? oh, what a day i've had...it's such a sad state of affairs that it all comes down to this.

***update***shower first. belly now full. and praise the good Lord, the boy finally pooped! thank you very much for asking.

5 rays through the fog:

Diane J. said...

Oh, yeah...do I remember those days! Glad you're doing better now, though. :-)

Hope your weekend is better than Friday.

Blessed Beyond Measure said...

If you can focus on the love that the baby's mom shows, taking the time to pump milk for her child, even when she's busy getting ready to work, that may help you not be so bothered by it. I'm a bit more creeped out, when I really think about it, about putting milk that came from a concoction of ingredients pulverized into powder, into a child, honestly! I dont have a problem with feeding a child either way, but for a mom to do the hard work of pumping to keep nursing her child - that speaks love and dedication.

Anonymous said...

Leave your Sammich in the plastic bag and eat it while in the shower!

Blazer1234 said...

LOL! You are crackin' me up girl! Ever heard of bathtub peaches? So juicy you have to eat them in the tub...buy some of those so you can eat and shower at the same time!

Judith said...

God Love you, I know this is hard. I would keep cheese and crackers in my pockets. It sure brings back memories. I don't know how working Moms manage. I was in an office where a poor mother juggled trying to nurse her baby and work at a computer at the same time. I thought that was very sad.

About the mother's milk, it may be that you're uncomfortable touching the milk, because it's like invading personal territory.

If I could go on here, while in nurses training while studying O B and delivery, an instructor got the hospital to save us a real placenta, so we could examine it, and know what it should look like, one side smooth, like liver, but the other side has rough edges where it pulled away in delivery. They brought it over in a shallow metal pan, and when they handed it to me I almost puked. Knowing it came from a human being, and smelling the warm scent it gave off just about did it for me. But then I realized that six different times, somebody, probably a nurse, had to deal with mine.

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