February 26, 2007

please check the box

When I go into my email and see that someone has left me a comment, I'm so excited! And when their comment comes through with an email address attached, well, that just makes my day. I love replying to comments and sending a little love back to the person who took the time to give their two cents' worth.

But lately, the emails have come through with "
noreply-comment(at)blogger.com." I couldn't figure out why some were identified and some weren't. Then I read this post the other day. (And she links to another post that has a cool little screen shot of what box to check to remedy the situation). They think it all has to do with a little box in your profile. I looked to see if mine was checked and it wasn't! I sure hope I didn't miss out on any friendliness.

Anyway, this post is just to make you aware (if you weren't already) about the possible fix to this. It sure would make my bloggy life easier and maybe yours too! :)

2 rays through the fog:

Diane J. said...

I read that on another blog, about checking the box in your profile so your email will show up, just yesterday. I'll have to check that out.

I just updated my blog. Mikki, my niece, is going to have her baby today. They're going to induce her, but if she has trouble or labors too long her doctor is going to do a C-section.

We appreciate your prayers already, but please pray today for a safe delivery and a healthy Mom and baby.

Happy Tuesday. ;D


Barb said...

I wish everyone would check the box. It's so frustrating and what's worse is when you try to link from the comment they left but they're not sharing a profile and you can't get to their blog at all. Sigh. So simple if everyone would just do it.

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