February 28, 2007

rambling, as usual

First, for all you bloggers out there, I'm trying to comment on your blogs and blogger is being a stinker. I'm here, I'm reading, and I was even going to de-lurk. Stupid blogger. At least it's free...

My daughter had a concert to celebrate Black History month. She was excited. She told me she "had a speaking part - you know, because I speak during the play." Bless her heart. She has enough drama for an entire drama club. And her dramatic premiere consisted of the following line:

"They did not like them. They spat at them."

She informed me that spat means spit (no, really?). However, she also informed me that "I have to say spat though because that's what the script says."

And an actor (or actress, in this case) is born.

I asked my son what was his favorite color? Here is his reply:

"Red, like the different red ones. It's kinda a illusion of red."

What? Did he just say illusion? He is THREE.YEARS.OLD! Where does he get this stuff?!

I've been watching Are You Smarter than A Fifth Grader? and it's pretty good. I feel a bit redeemed because the rest of the nation is learning what I've known this whole school year. You see, my daughter is in 5th grade and some of her homework is mind-boggling to me. I feel really dumb sometimes when I'm trying to help her with her homework. Especially math. They teach them totally differently than they did when I was a kid. You don't have to get out your toes anymore. :)

Well, that's the news in my corner of the world. Take care!

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Andrea, I found your blog throgh another one that I read. It is good to meet you. Aren't kids wonderful. Live and appreciate every minuet with them. They will be grown and gone before you can turn around. thanks for letting me comment. Connie from Texas

P.s. I love your lighthouse!

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