October 22, 2006

this and that

You know, I'm not the typical soccer mom. I don't get excited thinking about sitting in the increasingly cold early weekend morning, watching a team full of moms and dads scream like their child's existance depends on the outcome of the game. Even if one of them is my mom. And it doesn't really interest me if the kids make it to the tournament or even if they win it. As long as they are having fun and getting much needed exercise, I'm happy. So the fact that yesterday was the last game for the season doesn't really affect me much. Except that after SIX years of playing, my precious daughter FINALLY gets it. The ball - the one with the black and white hexagons on it - is supposed to stay in the control of your team until you get to the other end of field and then you kick the crap out of it and pray it goes between the goal posts. She GETS it. So, maybe I am a little sad that the season is over. I actually did get into a couple of their games and I felt that fire of pride in my chest when she had a good play. But, there's always next year. (And I'm sure I'll forget how cold it was yesterday morning by then...)

I spent some time at church yesterday evening. There was a group of people from Michigan who were traveling through on their way home from doing some Katrina work. They were just the sweetest bunch of people. We fed them a meal and allowed them to stay overnight in our church. We had an awesome, impromptu singing session and they were praising the Lord! It was very touching.

My son is sick. Not the down and out sick. Not even the sneezing, sniffling sick. Just that change of season sick when his voice gets all weird and he's nice and cranky. To top that off, he had his first trip to the dentist for a cleaning. He did great being such a big boy. I asked if it tickled and he puffed his little chest out and said, "A wittle bit." Ah, the pride. But see, we've been having a big time struggle at my house. (Well, two if you count the DIAPERS that he REFUSES to shake but I can only do one struggle at a time! Any ideas for the whole potty training thing?!) The dentist said we HAVE to get rid of the pacifier. I've always been one of the heartless, cold turkey moms that just takes it away. And we did that once with the pacifier but then he got sick and I couldn't take it and I gave it back. Now I'm paying for my weakness because he is NOT wanting to give it up. The hygenist at the dentist suggested cutting a hole in the tip of the pacifier. "He won't want it then...at all." Yeah, right. "I'm so sad my paci is broke, Mommy." And he took it anyway. So now, I'm wondering what to do next. I can't take the screaming that ensues when I just take it. I know, I know. Quit being a wimp. But this is my baby. My last baby. I can just wait until tomorrow (or the next day or the next day....) to take it, right?

Since I'm in that kind of mood, I'll make a book recommendation...but moms, get the tissues out. You'll need them.
Karen Kingsbury "Let Me Hold You Longer"
It makes a great gift. And if you like it, it originally comes from her Redemption series which is awesome too.

There may be some changes to my responsibilities at work and I'd like to ask for your prayers. I don't even know why God has me back at work right now (although my checkbook knows why!) but I'm there for a reason. Jesus says that everything is for a reason and I'll trust in that. Knowing that He has my path already paved relieves the pressure. Your prayers to remind me of that when I try to take over would be appreciated. Thanks!

4 rays through the fog:

Barb said...

I have to tell you, Andrea, I really like it that you've started writing like this. And your sidebar has become very interesting, too. I'm a huge Debbie Macomber fan and didn't realize that the 6th Cedar Cove book was out.

I know what you mean about freezing half to death at your kids' sports events. I did that many, many times.

I'll say a little prayer that work doesn't become overwhelming. Keep us posted on that.

Blazer1234 said...

Time to send out the binkies to all the babies in world that don't have one.
Give them to St. Nick to give to all the babies that need one for Christmas. And I bet St. Nick will give him something in exchange!

Praying for you!

Anonymous said...

Happy Blog anniversary Oct 31. I enjoy reading your blob. Keep it coming.

Judith said...

Like Barb, I'm enjoying your different writing style, but it's allright if you send out a poem now and then, too.

I will pray that things go well at work for you.

I've been terribly upset about the computer program the corp. has put on us at work. Four nurses have quit because of it.

All my fretting about it hasn't changed a thing, so I'm seeing it as a chance to learn new skills.

Thanks for all your encouragement about writing. My prayers will be headed your way.

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