October 16, 2006

momtime getaway

I went to the MomTime Getaway with Lisa Whelchel this past weekend. I've been wanting to post about it ever since I got back but I just couldn't find the right words. I mean, I anticipated having a good time. I went with two friends that I just adore. I got to have a little "me" time. What was there not to like? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Actually, Lisa blew me away.

Unfortunately, I guess I stereotyped her a bit based on her character Blair from "The Facts of Life". I have read a few of her books and I know she says she is nothing like Blair. But I watched her faithfully as Blair for a long time and I really didn't like Blair. But let me tell you, Lisa is no Blair. She is the most humble, down-to-earth, on fire for Christ mom you have ever met. I was continually amazed.

I was so glad that God saw it fit for me to be at this conference. I was disappointed that it went so fast. Lisa was one of those people that just radiates the love of Christ. You crave their presence because you know God is there. Does that make sense? I told you I was having a hard time finding the words. She gave very applicable examples of demonstrating the grace and mercy of Jesus when you discipline. But she did so in a way that said she was just in the trenches of motherhood beside us. Not uppity at all.

But I guess my most surprising revelation about Lisa was her preaching. She could bring it! And, like my friend said, she didn't water it down at all. She acknowledged Satan wanting to take hold of all the good in our lives and she shot him down with Scripture. She gave concrete examples of the grace of Jesus Christ. She was full of prayer for us, for our kids, for the world. I felt very blessed to be prayed for by Lisa. She got to the heart of it and I felt changed. I felt empowered. I felt closer to God. And I felt relief that I don't have to be perfect. Only in my imperfection, can God work His perfection. What a blessing that is.

So even with these few paragraphs, I am still at a loss for words to say exactly how touching this conference was. I didn't expect any life-changing, soul-wretching feelings to come from this weekend. I think it's when we least expect it that God rains the grace down on us.

Oh, and I'm green with envy at the ladies that get to hear Lisa's encouragement all the time in her MomTime group. I know a few of them are in this bloggy community because I stumbled upon them through Lisa's site. I guess I'll just gather my encouragement from the other Godly ladies that I've found on the world wide web. There are many great ones out there. But, if you ever get the chance to hear Lisa speak, RUN there. It will bless you greatly.

2 rays through the fog:

Barb said...

I'm so glad you got to go to this Andrea. Lisa and my niece Sarah have become good friends and I know for sure that what she did on Facts of Life was absolutely a tiny drop in what her life has become. She's an inspiration. She's so grounded and common sensible, she had the good sense to get out of Hollywood, marry, have a family and discover her true calling. I hope to hear her myself, or perhaps even meet her, someday.

Judith said...

Good for you for going. Better than medicine, for the bod and soul. Sometimes we just need to step aside, get away from daily stuff, and think about what's more important.

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