October 13, 2006

sweet souls

Another post for my sidebar...I'll update as is needed.

I've wanted to have a memorial place to always remember those kind souls that have gone to be with Jesus. I'm a list kinda girl and I want to honor these people with a list. I look forward to the big ole party in Heaven someday.

Heavenly Father,
Thank you for the time you gave us with these special people. We know that they are with you and that they want no more. Still, we miss them. We carry them in our hearts every day.

Sweet souls I hope to see in heaven:

Peggy K. (1992)
Arthur L. (1998)
Shannon N. (2001)
Grova V. (2005)
Alma S. (2006)
Amy W. (2007)
Eddie L. (2008)

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