October 25, 2006

super secret club

My father-in-law is being visited by the same frog in his throat as my son. Unfortunately, it has taken his voice. He's a college professor so this has to be hard for him. All that's left is a bit of a whisper. And he is using that sparingly to save what is there for class.

I guess I should preface the rest of the story by telling you that my son and his grandpa are good buddies. They love to spend time together. They are the absolute cutest when they are piled on the floor playing. I don't know who has a better time. They both have a blast.

So, yesterday, my son got a chance to spend time with his grandpa. My son was exhausted from a long day and not what you would say easy to get along with. Bless my father-in-law's silent heart because he took on the little man. They crawled around on the floor and played. The greatest part was when my son would hear his grandpa say something. He would get real quiet so he could hear the whisper. And then, much to our amusement, he would whisper back. The entire conversation was held in whispers. I have no idea what they said to each other. Maybe they are going to take over the world. You know, it wouldn't be bad if everyone whispered in this world. The only child in me would be really happy about that. Anyway, it was so sweet to see those two. I mean, it always is but this time my heart just melted.

Maybe I'll start my own club...the Melted Heart Club. Seems whenever my kids aren't driving me up a wall, they are melting my heart. Wanna join? :)

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