September 1, 2006

friday feast #109 (#3)

What are some lyrics you have misheard (such as, instead of "Gettin' Jiggy With It" you heard "Kick a chicken with it")?

Garth Brooks...I don't even remember the song right now...but it says "Ireland, I'm coming come" and I always heard "Fire and ice, I'm coming home". I think it's hilarious that this happens. My husband and I have had some big laughs talking about which lyrics we don't get right.

What is the worst movie you have ever seen?

My husband has a very dry sense of humor and also loves "guy humor". I have watched "Napoleon Dynamite" so many times and it just isn't funny to me. Or "Office Space". I know these have been popular but I just don't get it.

Using the letters from your favorite number, write a sentence. Example: Tomorrow has really easy experiences.

Okay, my favorite number is two - and I'm drawing a complete blank. I write this after sitting here for five minutes. How about this? The Wait's Over. Wow, that was hard.

Main Course
What was the most interesting news story you have heard this week?

I've been avoiding the news this week because I just can't take it. I could choose the story of a local three year old that was locked in a closet by his foster parents while they went on a trip. He died and they took him to a farm and burned his body. They were ratted out by the couple's live-in girlfriend. Sick stuff. Or I could choose the story about the plane in Lexington, KY that took off on the wrong runway and killed all the people except one. Both stories haunt me. I hate the news.

Which word(s) would you choose to describe your wardrobe?

Pathetically lacking. I have never had any sense of fashion and I really don't like to go shopping for clothes. I'm never the same size in every store and that frustrates me. I tend to stick with what I have until it falls apart. I would love to lose some weight so I can buy from the racks and racks of "skinny" clothes at thrift stores instead of my lonely one rack that never has anything good on it.

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Judith said...

I don't know all the blogging terminology, but I so like the scene and the colors. What I especially notice is that the gulls seem to like it to. There's something very peaceful in that.

Be good to yourself, whether it's blogging or sleeping. When you get the chance, take your pick.

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