September 1, 2006

thursday thirteen #2

13 Things I Am Thankful For Today
1. My husband went to the "Meet the Teacher" night with me today. Thankful because I never remember all the things they say at these kinds of events. And he has a steel trap for a mind.
2. My daughter won her soccer game. Thankful because she has been trying so hard for a lot of years to be good at soccer. It's all coming together this year and that is neat to watch.
3. My friendship with a dear friend who was admitted to hospice last night. Thankful because I am more aware of how much I took her sweet spirit for granted now that the time is short.
4. I did the dishes yesterday. Thankful I don't have to do them today. (Hey, it's the little things, ya know?)
5. My mom and mother-in-law. Thankful they both helped with the kids today. Where would I be without them?
6. My new blog template. Thankful that I am washed in peace when I look at the picture and the colors.
7. My job. Thankful that when I needed extra hours, they were happy about it and gave them to me.
8. My son. Thankful that he can make me laugh, even when I'm exhausted.
9. My father-in-law. Thankful that he helped cook the dinner that fed me today.
10. This bloggy community. Thankful for the encouragement and love that is passed from one to the other, even when we are busy and have to hit "mark all read".
11. I finished the laundry yesterday. Thankful I don't have to do it today. (see #4)
12. My little office in the basement. Thankful that I have a quiet place to go to play on the computer or write.
13. This is #13. Thankful I can now tear myself away from the computer and GO TO BED!
I'm so tired, I can't even put the linky thing in today...Maybe next time. Good night, y'all!!

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