August 24, 2006

thursday thirteen #1

13 things i love about my husband

1. his vast knowledge of trivia (both common
and obscure)
2. his brown eyes
3. his gentleness with the kids
4. his ability to just look at me and know i've
had a rough day (when i'm wielding a household
item as a weapon, i guess it's pretty easy to
tell...but still...)
5. his work ethic and the fact that he works hard
so i can stay home with our kids
6. his patience with my new addiction to blogging
7. the concoctions he comes up with when he cooks
8. his family
9. his sense of humor (note: not sarcasm, humor!)
10. the fact that he's known me since i was 11
11. okay, okay, i'll admit it...i love his love of sports
12. that he never, ever forgets our anniversary
and actually remembers our "other" important days
13. his willingness to go to church every sunday with me

wait, that's it?
i have so many more...
like when he acts like a bigger
kid than the kids when they play together,
or how about the times he brings me tea,
or...okay, okay...i'll stop.

i never have been very good
with saying things quickly...
guess that's where my daughter got it.

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3 rays through the fog:

DK said...

Love your list! This is my first TT list too (and my 12th whole day as a blogger.) Stop by and visit me!

Raggedy said...

That was a beautiful tribute to your hubby.
Congratulations on your first TT.
I am glad you joined us.
Great TT
My TT is up
Have a wonderful day!

Jenny Ryan said...

"10. the fact that he's known me since i was 11"

So cool! I've known my hubby since I was 12! Welcome to the TT! :)

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