July 17, 2006

can't sleep

so i've been upstairs
and read my magazine
('cuz i finished my book
last night)
and turned out the light
and laid there...
and tossed...
and laid there...

can't sleep
which is enormously strange
for me
the one who sleeps
before fully turning off the light

so i thought a nice cup
of decaf tea would be nice
we are out of sugar
how can a house be out of sugar?
my mom offered me some
and i said no, i just made kool-aid
and there's a little bit left in the jar

the "little bit" i just scraped out
with the end of a butter knife
and my tea is still bitter

i tried stirring it
(with a colored pencil
because i'm too lazy
to go to the other side
of the room to get a spoon)
still bitter

but my mug is a cute purple
and the tea is still warm
so i've got that going for me...

maybe the more i drink,
the sweeter it will get

oh, and as i stumbled
in the dark to quietly come
i forgot my glasses

in the dark,
the world looks the same
with or without
and i wore my contacts today
so i didn't miss them on my face

now i am sitting
a foot and a half
from the computer screen
and have to squint every few seconds
to make sure i am typing the
right letters...

but somehow the meaningless
sentences continue to flow...

i'm sorry to whoever is reading this
i usually can sleep...
and we don't have this problem...

my magazine tonight
was home companion
it's from mary engelbreit
i love, love it
reminds me of country living
but more artsy
there is a home office in there
that i would die to have
okay, not die, but
you get my drift
blues, greens, whites

a couple of posts back
i described my perfect "me place"
(and if i just did that right,
you can click on that and
read about it)
today in the sunday ads
(the best part of the paper)
i found the table desk
it exists!
so you know what that means?
you got it, my special place
exists - and in more than just my mind

between seeing that
and the magazine,
i think my mind is on overload
of all the possibilities...

upon site of the table desk
i decided to start a file
of all the things i find
that are "it" for someday
when "it" is a reality...
the magazine is a library one
so i can't rip out those pages
to keep
maybe they are still selling that issue
or maybe the magazine
will sell me one

and with all that creativity
i am so anxious to work on
this awesome, new house
and tweak it as my very own
but then there's the money thing
anybody got any ideas on
cheap (as in free) ways
to decorate in the mean time?

eww, the last drink was pure sugar!
where has that been for the
last fifteen drinks?!

okay, it's way past my bedtime
and i agreed to work
shuffling money tomorrow
besides, this post is by far the longest
i have ever written
and i'm sure you are asleep by now

at least one of us is....

2 rays through the fog:

Blazer1234 said...

you weren't the only one awake at that time.
I know what you mean about creating the perfect "space" in you home. Not only does it cost a lot of moola, but time is another precious part of the project. My suggestion to you...garage sale, garage sale, garage sale...and paint/stain. And wait for new pieces (like your desk) to go on clearance. Sewing is is another good thing to know how to do, and buying fabrics on clearance.
I watch too many do-it-yourself shows on HGTV...can you tell?

Mina said...

A colored pencil?? That's hillarious!

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