July 18, 2006

sweet chicago

this week is the annual conference
for the company i do sales for
that bases itself just outside of
my favorite city in the world
(although my "world" is
extremely limited in terms
of the extent of my life travels)

and i couldn't go this year
for one reason or another
and i am so sad about that

i loved being around others
who loved the products
as much as me
no need to worry about
getting teased for being
excited about anything
in the catalog

i also felt kind of daring
out on the "wild" streets of Chicago
navigating my way around

and then there is the blue water
i walked blocks upon blocks
last year
to reach the navy pier
and tired as i was
it was so worth it

so here are a few pictures
of what i would be seeing this week
how nice to enjoy this
mini-vacation with you

ahh, sweet chicago

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1 rays through the fog:

Blazer1234 said...

Chicago is a fun city!!! Wish you could go...maybe next year! ;)

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