May 17, 2006

update and a dream

spent a nice mother's day
with all the mothers
in my life

busy weekend

got a toolbox
with my tools
so now there will be
no searching
the great abyss

also got a great cd
and one of my angels

singing card that my singer

beautiful cards from the other
two mothers

ran into a great friend of mine
from eighth grade
had my back to her and
heard her voice
wouldn't have recognized her
her voice hasn't changed a bit
but it seemed everything else had

she was in a hurry
and kind of blew me off
life goes on

three ring circus today
after days and days
of non stop rain
makes me tired

the sun made
a guest appearance today
bright light, bright light
gives me hope
the fog pushes down
i insist on pushing back

the secret is pushing back
but sometimes there is
no energy left
to whisper

looking forward to
being outdoors
although i will admit
i am jealous that
i won't need to speak
a foreign language
camp with chatty girls
and dirty boys
hmm...what was i thinking?

can't wait for the view
of blue water
from the islands up north
it took me months and months
to get over the feeling
that i was home
when i was there
sometimes on really bad days
i still long to be there
in a little cottage on the shore
blues and whites inside
with a huge window
to see that blue water
my own private oasis
with a white table desk
that plays host to
lots of paper
expensive pens
and a computer


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